Hospital Beds

Sick or injured people often have to stay in bed for a long time.

Easily adjustable hospital beds will increase the patient’s comfort and help prevent pressure-induced ulceration. In medical emergencies, the bed must allow lowering all its elements into the shock position (Trendelenburg position) within seconds.


Our locking gas springs have proven themselves for smooth and safe adjustment of the various hospital bed segments for many years. They assist in the convenient and effortless moving of head and bed main sections. Oil-hydraulic dampers from Stabilus ensure safe lowering of the side rails.

Your Advantage

  • Comfortable and effortless adjustment of head and bed main sections
  • Individual adjustment of lying and reading positions according to personal preferences
  • Fully self-contained
  • No EMFs
  • No fire hazard
  • Mechanical actuation system, for no leaks
  • Optional versions available to withstand automatic washing systems

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT – gas spring for optimum weight compensation during lifting and lowering
  • BLOC-O-LIFT – gas spring for variable height adjustment
  • HYDRO-LIFT – gas spring for variable tilt adjustment
  • STAB-O-SHOC – for controlled motion