Seat Height Adjustment

Stabilus gas springs ensure an ergonomically correct seat position, adapted to any body height and any workplace. For office swivel chairs, work chairs, executive chairs, or stools.


Locking gas springs provide convenient and safe height adjustment in swivel chairs. When the chair is loaded, the seat will slide down gently. In the locked position, there will be a pleasant bounce. Stabilus gas springs are variably adjustable by hand, smooth-running, and maintenance-free.

Your Advantage

  • Our product variants will provide the right solution for your individual requirements regarding seat height adjustment.

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • Columns with integrated depth spring action
  • Columns with comfortable bounce
  • Columns with additional depth spring action
  • Columns with telescope outer tube
  • Non-twisting columns
  • Multi-function columns
  • Columns with stop function (as roll-away lock in sit-stand stools)