Aircraft engines must be opened for maintenance after a specified number of hours in operation.

During this work, the door must not close accidentally so as not to hurt ground personnel.

Products from Stabilus have proven themselves as time-tested partners to manufacturers of airplane interiors, handling the overhead luggage compartments by means of springs and dampers.


Gas pressure springs from Stabilus provide safety and comfort for opening and closing overhead luggage compartments or maintenance doors of airplane engines. They will assist in the opening action, dampen the motion before it comes to a stop, and hold hatches and overhead compartment doors safely open.

Your Advantage

  • Maintenance-free
  • Damping
  • Will hold maintenance door safely open
  • Easy and convenient opening

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT – gas spring for optimum weight compensation during lifting and lowering
  • STAB-O-SHOC – for gentle damping