Stabilus Spindle Drives

Spindle drives from Stabilus ensure that car lids open and close automatically.

What’s long been a given with elevator or supermarket doors has since hit the automobile industry. At the touch of a button or approach with a key, the trunk lid opens itself. This convenient feature has rapidly developed thanks to modern spindle drives.

Stabilus has long established itself as a leader in innovation in the area of spindle drives.

Spindle drives from Stabilus represent the ideal basis for a modular design and platform strategy. The number of common parts runs high, thus opening up the possibility for multiple uses for spindle drives. Consequently, the use of Stabilus spindle drives saves costs and significantly contributes to optimized efficiency.

Spindle drive technology has been tested in various applications, although the specific spindle drive design for tailgates is completely new. Due to the additional integrated spring the spindle drive becomes a complete system for overall function, including comfortable manual operation. In addition to that, optimized spindle pitches and surfaces guarantee an almost silent motion when the trunk opens and closes.

Stabilus is growing in the area of lid motors; it is expanding its market share; and is continuing to fulfill its mission:

Stabilus ...Technology Gives Comfort.

Please, take notice that our electric motor drive systems are not used for backfitting. Only serial shored drive systems are possible to change. In this case, please contact your responsible garage.