Older or weaker patients often have difficulties rising from a wheelchair by themselves. Some injuries require elevating the legs, which must also be ensured in the wheelchair. An adjustable backrest further promotes comfortable sitting.


In wheelchairs, Stabilus gas springs provide easy height and tilt adjustment of backrest and seat. Less strength will be required for rising, and the patient will be able to get from the bed into the wheelchair more easily. In the mobile foot sections, our gas pressure springs allow elevation of one or both legs. Our dampers will gently dampen the wheels while the chair is in motion.

Your Advantage

  • Height and tilt adjustment of backrest and foot sections
  • Seat height adjustment (facilitates getting directly into and out of bed!)
  • Wheel damping

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT – gas spring for optimum weight compensation during lifting and lowering
  • LIFT-O-MAT PTL for uncoupling drive modules
  • BLOC-O-LIFT – locking gas spring for variable height and tilt adjustment
  • STAB-O-SHOC – for controlled motion and chassis damping