HYDRO-LIFT T (Temperature)

The Temperature-Compensated Gas Spring

The force required to operate a lid is also affected by the ambient temperature. In cool weather it may not stay open safely despite high force application, while very high temperatures make closing it more difficult; the lid will then barely close.

The HYDRO-LIFT T from Stabilus significantly reduces the temperature influence on the lid function. The additional piston valve ensures that the application will stay open safely and close easily in extremely low temperatures.


The function of the HYDRO-LIFT T is similar to that of the standard HYDRO-LIFT; in addition, the piston valve is equipped with a bimetallic element. If the temperature falls below a limit of +10˚C, the valve closes and the hold function is activated automatically.

This allows designing the extension force much lower; the safe holding force at low temperatures down to -30˚C remains the same.

The overall lower force level spells relief for the articulation joints of the application. This will make the closing operation at higher temperatures much more comfortable.


  • Holding function is added depending on the temperature


  • Trunks and tailgates