Dynamically Dampened Gas Spring with or without Stop Range

In garages with low ceilings, a large tailgate can quickly become a problem if it slams against the ceiling without braking. Auto repair shops appreciate the hood staying in the service position, which makes working on the engine much more convenient.

INTER-STOP from Stabilus allows limiting the opening angles of lids and doors and will safely hold the load in the desired position.


The INTER-STOP gas spring combines the properties of a spring’s dynamic damping with a stop function provided by a valve integrated into the piston. This allows dividing the opening angle of the hood or lid into two or more function ranges.

In the first section of the stroke, the INTER-STOP without stop range will function like a LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with dynamic damping. The hood will stop gently at a specified hold point. As soon as the hood is pushed past the hold point, it will open automatically to its end position.

In the INTER-STOP with stop range, the gas spring will behave as described above in the first part of the stroke. After that, the hood can be positioned manually at any opening angle until the end stop has been reached.

The compression of the gas spring works the same as in the standard version of the LIFT-O-MAT.


  • Different opening functions
  • Will stay safely open in any position
  • Easy mounting
  • Maintenance-free


  • Hoods, trunk lids, service flaps where different opening angles must be achieved.


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