LIFT-O-MAT TCV (Temperature Compensation Valve)

The Temperature-Compensated Gas Spring

The force required to operate a lid is also affected by the ambient temperature. In cool weather it may not stay open safely despite high force application, while very high temperatures make closing it more difficult; the lid will then barely close.

To minimize the influence of heat and cold on the functional properties of a lid, there is LIFT-O-MAT TCV from STABILUS. This gas spring supports closing at high temperatures. At the same time, it will hold the open tailgate safely in position at temperatures below 0˚C.


The LIFT-O-MAT TCV is a gas pressure spring that can compensate even for extreme temperature fluctuations. It has an additional gas-filled temperature compensation chamber that is separated by a valve. At temperatures above 0˚C, this valve will close automatically, closing off the additional gas chamber. This will result in the force of the gas spring dropping, and the lid can be closed more easily.


  • Lid will also stay safely open at temperatures below 0˚C
  • Improved opening behavior at low temperatures
  • Low manual forces for closing at high temperatures


  • Trunks and tailgates