LIFT-O-MAT FR– for Infinitely Variable Holding

Variable Positioning over the Entire Adjustment Range

The LIFT-O-MAT FR gas pressure spring combines ergonomic requirements with the highest level of functionality and space-saving design.

In addition to providing force assist, it allows variable positioning over the entire adjustment range, without using a lock or an actuation mechanism. The advantage is that doors that swing upward can be reached and closed more easily also by shorter persons. Because of its comfortable, variable positioning characteristics, the LIFT-O-MAT FR gas spring is frequently used in free-moving brackets.


The only difference between the LIFT-O-MAT FR and the standard LIFT-O-MAT is a special piston package with an integrated friction element. In addition to force assist, this allows variable holding over the entire adjustment range. Operation of a lock or actuation mechanism is not required. Even weight fluctuations between defined limits, for example due to varying loads, can be offset.


  • Will stay safely open in any position
  • Convenient, ergonomic, and variable positioning without locking into a position
  • Adjustable without an actuation mechanism
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Easy mounting
  • Maintenance-freei


  • Top cabinet doors in kitchens and living room furniture applications
  • Free-moving arms and brackets in medical technology or in the electronics industry


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