Gas Spring for Stop in the Compressed Position

The LIFT-O-MAT PTL gas spring with self-stop function (ballpoint pen principle) has stood the test of time in modern, innovative designer and functional furniture numerous times.

In the compressed position, the gas spring is held by a locking system which will extend noiselessly upon a gentle push on the gas spring.


The LIFT-O-MAT PTL from Stabilus is a gas spring with an additional mechanical lock in the compressed position.

Similar to the ball point pen principle, the lock can be released by a light push; the gas spring will then extend automatically.

In addition to the force assist function, this gas spring features an end position lock eliminating the need for additional fixing elements.

At the same time, LIFT-O-MAT PTL is easy and convenient to use.


  • Locking in the compressed position
  • End position lock without additional fixing elements
  • Simple release of the lock by the ballpoint pen principle
  • User-friendly, comfortable operation
  • Maintenance-free


  • Elegant lowering of bar compartments
  • Lifting and lowering of headrest panels in sofas or recliners
  • Extending and recessing monitors and connector strips in conference tables


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