Applications for Synchro-Tilt

Synchronous tilting of swivel chairs is one of the most helpful functions for moving after sitting for a long time.

Here, the backrest is linked to the seat position, so that whenever the backrest position changes, the seat will also be tilted. The body will be optimally supported in any position.


Stabilus gas springs provide a pleasant “rocking chair” effect when seat and backrest are adjusted together. The desired counter-pressure can be customized to any body weight, by careful design.

Your Advantage

  • Meets the most demanding ergonomic requirements
  • Available in numerous sizes and force variants
  • Linear spring characteristics for uniformly low force increase across the entire range of motion
  • Elastic locking
  • Small actuation path
  • Progressive or degressive spring characteristic curve

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • BLOC-O-LIFT – gas spring for variable adjustment and elastic locking