Backrest Adjustment Applications

Constant contact between back and backrest provides lumbar support and strain relief for the intervertebral discs.

That is why the backrests of modern swivel chairs are usually freely adjustable.
But in conventional systems, moving the actuation lever will have an effect even if the backrest is not in contact with the back. The result: It will flip forward and hit the back of the occupant.


Occupational health practitioners and swivel chair manufacturers appropriately consider Stabilus a pioneer in the development of gas springs for ergonomic seating in the swivel chair area. The switching valve in our gas springs will permit backrest adjustment only if it is loaded. Pressing the actuation lever will not have an effect until the occupant is leaning against it. Only now can the backrest be adjusted. An actuation lock with added value – for the back.

Your Advantage

  • High ergonomics through constant body contact
  • Backrest will not swing back
  • Adjustment possible under load only

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • BLOC-O-LIFT – elastic locking gas spring with actuation lock