For Variable Positioning Without a Locking Mechanism

The HYDRO-LIFT gas spring is a LIFT-O-MAT with additional holding function, with comfortable rigid or elastic locking.

Even weight fluctuations between defined limits, for example due to varying loads, are no problem. The HYDRO-LIFT does not require an additional stop mechanism. Once opened, the lid will remain safely in place.


In the HYDRO-LIFT from Stabilus, a valve integrated into the piston of the gas spring ensures a safe hold. Depending on the design, the variable stop function can be active across the entire adjustment range, or in one or more partial ranges of the stroke.

Unlike the gas-filled version with elastic locking, the oil-filled HYDRO-LIFT features limited, rigid locking in the compression direction. This eliminates the light spring deflection.


  • Variable positioning in the application


  • Comfortable opening and closing of trunk lids and tailgates


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