Variable Tilt Adjustment without Actuation Mechanism

The HYDRO-LIFT gas spring provides force assist and allows variable, comfortable positioning of the application at any tilt angle.

With rigid locking, the HYDRO-LIFT gas spring can even handle weight fluctuations between defined limits, for example due to varying loads. Another advantage is that no actuation mechanism is required for adjustment.


The HYDRO-LIFT from Stabilus is a gas spring featuring a special piston package with a valve closing system, which – in addition to force assist – allows progressive positioning over the entire adjustment range. Depending on the design, the hold function can be active across the entire adjustment range, or in one or more partial ranges of the stroke.

Unlike the gas-filled version, the oil-filled spring features rigid locking and can be switched into the compression direction. It is preferred for very light loads. In this version, the light spring deflection is eliminated.


  • Holds the application without an actuation mechanism
  • Especially for larger weight fluctuations within defined limits


  • Tilting of foot sections of hospital and nursing home beds
  • Tilt and height adjustment for lamp stands, monitor arms and brackets in medical technology
  • Tilt adjustment for desks


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