LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Internal End Position Stop

The larger the lid, the more unpleasant the consequences if it should start moving on its own and fall shut.

In addition to force assist, the LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with end position lock also provides a safe mechanical lock of the application in the open position.


The locking of a gas spring with the lock on the inside is comparable to the mechanics of a ball point pen: when the gas spring is pushed in lightly, it will catch. If pushed briefly in the extension direction, the locking mechanism will be released.


  • Locking and unlocking directly on the adjustment element
  • Additional protection against unintentional closing
  • No need to install additional fixing elements
  • Maintenance-free
  • Releasing the gas spring and adjusting the application with only one hand (lock on the inside)
  • Freely configurable gas spring with various end fittings


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