Tailgate / Trunk

Stabilus gas springs allow effortless opening and safe closing of the trunk lid. The automatic lid motor provides additional comfort.


Drivers will appreciate a convenient, easy-to-operate tailgate. With our active POWERISE systems, trunk lids and tailgates will open and close within seconds at the push of a button. If the lid encounters an obstacle, the motor will stop automatically. Of course, the trunk lid can be stopped in any intermediate position.

Your Advantage

  • No effort necessary
  • Can be remote controlled
  • No more dirty hands
  • Manual operation just as easy
  • Harmonic motion with end position damping
  • Compact dimensions, low weight
  • Can also be stopped in intermediate positions
  • Comfortable emergency operation
  • Safety features for anti-trap protection

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT: provides for optimum weight balance, works powerfully supportive and provides optimal movement
  • STAB-O-SHOC: for smooth and safe closing of the flap
  • LIFT-O-MAT with end position lock: as an additional safeguard against unintentional slamming
  • HYDRO-LIFT: the movement of the door can be stopped at several positions
  • ELEKTRO-LIFT: additional electricity transmission or circuit, eg for illumination the trunk
  • INTER-STOP: for manual stopping of the flap in an intermediate position
  • LIFT-O-MAT TCV (Temperature Compensation Valve)
  • LIFT-O-MAT gas spring strut
  • LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with dynamic compression/extension damping
  • POWERISE: automatic lid motor for automatic opening and closing of trunk lids and tailgates
  • Guide to POWERISE product information
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