Patient Mobility – Scooters

Patient mobility equipment, or scooters, help weak or handicapped people regain some of their mobility.

They are a reasonable alternative to conventional or electric wheelchairs. Our gas springs are highly useful when it comes to adapting the scooter to the physical condition of the rider, helping the rider get up and ensuring safety and comfort.


With gas springs from Stabilus, the scooters can be quickly adjusted to the height and weight of the rider. The lift function will gently assist the person in getting up, the soft damping of the seat will relieve the spine and intervertebral discs, thus increasing ride comfort.

Your Advantage

  • Steering column height adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Optimized damping for enhanced ride comfort and spine/vertebral disc relief
  • Support for the getting-up function
  • Opening of the battery box cover

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • LIFT-O-MAT – gas spring for optimal weight compensation during lifting and lowering
  • BLOC-O-LIFT – gas spring for variable height adjustment
  • STAB-O-SHOC – dampers for absorbing shocks and motion