Hospital Over Bed Tables and Nightstands

In hospitals and nursing homes, meals are often eaten in bed. For this purpose, nightstands have fold-out table tops, which can be moved over the bed. With the help of our gas springs, the serving top height is easily adjustable even under heavy loads.


We have developed the Stabilus-BLOC-O-LIFT OBT (Over Bed Table) especially for hospital night stand applications. This gas spring allows lifting the table top without any actuation mechanism. This will increase patient comfort and, at the same time, allow fast lifting of the table top by medical staff – for example in an emergency.

Your Advantage

  • Easy lifting of the table top without an actuation mechanism
  • Smooth height adjustment even under changing weight loads
  • Fully self-contained
  • No EMFs, no fire hazard
  • Mechanical actuation system, therefore no leaks

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • BLOC-O-LIFT OBT – special gas spring for hospital overbed tables
  • BLOC-O-LIFT – gas spring for variable height adjustment