Mechanical BLOC-O-LIFT release systems for ultimate convenience

STABILUS offers different release systems for BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs.

Cable release

This program offers complete release systems with an attractive design. Five different ergonomic push-buttons and levers with axial or lateral Bowden cable configurations as well as two different release heads give you even more flexibility in your design and in positioning the gas spring in your application.

For detailed information on our SOFT-O-TOUCH program click here .

Further BLOC-O-LIFT release systems

In the standard version, the BLOC-O-LIFT uses a sliding valve with an release stroke of 2.5 mm. A seat valve is available for short stroke of 1 mm and very easy operation.

Indirect Bowden cable release:

A Bowden cable release is used when the release mechanism cannot be installed directly on the gas spring. This system consists of a release head, a Bowden cable with optional lengths, and the release unit.

Direct release:

For applications with direct release on the gas spring, there are release heads with diefferent lever variants.

We will gladly help you select the right system.

Application Examples

  • Backrest and armrest adjustment in swivel chairs
  • Table height adjustment
  • Head and foot panel adjustment in treatment tables and beds