LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Dynamic Motion Damping

The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with dynamic damping from Stabilus works regardless of its mounting orientation, thus approaching any position comfortably, without stressing hinges and joints.

With dynamic compression damping, this LIFT-O-MAT is particularly well suited for engine hoods and lids where the piston rod swivels from top to bottom. Upon closing, the hood or lid will be dampened gently, reducing wear on the material.


With a special longitudinal groove inside the pressure tube, the damping properties can be influenced as needed and thus customized to almost any application. The controlled approach of intermediate positions is also possible.

By reducing or increasing the groove cross-section, the speed of motion can be varied over the entire stroke and continuously slowed down to the stopping point.


  • Orientation-independent function
  • Defined speed control
  • Great tunability of damping characteristics
  • Dampened approach of intermediate positions possible


  • Doors and flaps in machine and system design, automotive construction, in medical technology (swivel arms and brackets), the furniture industry and other industrial applications where the piston rod swivels from the top to the bottom.


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