Aluminum Gas Spring

Light-Weight Gas Spring with Aluminum Pressure Tube

Light-weight construction is one of the big topics among automotive manufacturers, since it is key to drastically lowering fuel consumption. Consequently, it is a logical step for Stabilus to add light-weight gas springs to its product line.

Depending on their dimensions, the use of aluminum pressure tubes can save up to 30% in weight compared to conventional gas springs with steel pressure tubes. Their polished, shiny metal surface and attractive design give these gas pressure springs the look of a true high-tech product.


Regarding force assist and damping, the aluminum gas spring has the same properties as the standard version of the LIFT-O-MAT.


  • Weight savings of up to 30% depending on length
  • Polished, shiny metal surface with attractive design


  • Trunks and tailgates
  • Design applications