POWERISE - Automatic Lid Drive Systems

From Component Manufacturer to System Supplier

Trunk lids have come a long way. The high level of comfort for opening and closing trunk lids or tailgates is increasingly enhanced by automatic lid drives.

For this market segment, Stabilus did not only develop the optimum drive technology for lid drives; as a system supplier, it also assumed the responsibility for the overall function of automatic lid drive systems.
The harmonious interaction of linkage, weight equalization, and electric and electronic components that are suitably coordinated are the basis for the following functions:

  • Automatic opening/closing/stopping
  • programmable intermediate position
  • External force recognition

Lid drives from Stabilus offer a high level of comfort and safety for opening and closing

With the POWERISE systems from Stabilus, the trunk will open by remote control within seconds. Pressing the remote control again will close it. The rest will happen automatically, safely and reliably.
And, the lid can be stopped in any intermediate position.
Integrated in the POWERISE drives is a sensor system that reliably eliminates safety risks due to improper operation or use.

Lid drives from Stabilus offer the right solution for any application

With this philosophy, Stabilus has brought numerous technological approaches to series introduction.

In our studies on weight, installation size, and noise optimization, we also focus on the modular concept. The consistent use of as many common parts as possible will ensure quality and financial advantages.
Our project experience, as well as our thorough pre-series development, are the reason for our superior competence in this application segment.

Please, take notice that our electric motor drive systems are not used for backfitting. Only serial shored drive systems are possible to change. In this case, please contact your responsible garage.