Electromechanical Drives from Stabilus

Opening and closing of lids with the push of a button. Stabilus has been providing customized solutions ever since the market segment of automatic lid drives emerged.

Current Stabilus Drive Unit Variants:

POWERISE spindle drives are used for single sided or double sided application. They are modular systems based on various standard components. The mechanical spring intergrated into the spindle drive is the key element of the overall system that provides the desired functions - including comfortable manual operation.

Optimised pitch and surface of the spindle make for an almost silent movement. Stabilus offers the spindle drive as compact axial parallel design or as slim co-axial version.

Electromechanical POWERISE drive unit for door closing. Bowdencable system and integrated DORSTOP (steppless doorcheck) controle the movement.

This electromechanical drive opens the lid with gas springs, closing is done by a single sided bowdencable system based on the gas springs. Invisible and noiseless integrated system.

Electromechanical drive with double sided opening and closing system based on push-/pull cable system. Package situation similar to gas spring integration. No terminal reactions of the drive. Optimum bodyshelf neutrality.

Single sided direct drive with integrated clutch. Force transfer to hinge via push rod. Lid weight compensation as well as supported movement by gas springs.

Please, take notice that our electric motor drive systems are not used for backfitting. Only serial shored drive systems are possible to change. In this case, please contact your responsible garage.