In addition to the lifting force, the ELEKTRO-LIFT gas spring from Stabilus also transfers current to the hood – without annoying cables.

Consequently, its main area of application is the trunk lid or hood, where it can act as a switch for the trunk lighting or as a current conductor for heated windshields or windshield wipers.


Equipped with a sliding contact at the piston, plastic fittings, and an insulating protective shrink-tube, the ELEKTRO-LIFT can conduct an electric current up to 25 A max. at 12 V.

Flat connectors provided at the piston rod and pressure tube ends act as electrical connections. Bare or interfering cable connections in the motor vehicle will be a thing of the past.

Stabilus distinguishes between three variants:

  • The ELEKTRO-LIFT gas spring with permanent current connection as a simple ground conductor with metal connectors.
  • The ELEKTRO-LIFT gas spring with current conductor, equipped with plastic fittings and pluggable electric connections for carrying current.
  • The ELEKTRO-LIFT gas spring with a stroke-controlled switch (e.g., in the end position), as sliding contact, Hall or Reed element.


  • Current conductance on moving flaps without annoying cable connections
  • Switch function for opening or closing the current circuit


  • For comfortable opening of trunks with lighting, connection for heated rear windows