End Fittings

Stabilus offers a variety of end fittings for gas spring installation.

Our standard end fittings:

Angle joint made of metal with or without ball pivots

This angle joint is a high-quality and sturdy variant in our line of end fittings. Due to its high strength, it is especially suited for applications where high forces occur, providing the necessary convenience. What is special about the angle joint is its ease of installation, and that it can also compensate for angle offset. That means, in applications where the gas spring is installed slightly out of plumb, the angle joint will offset the resulting angle.

Angle joint made of plastic with or without ball pivots

The plastic angle joint is an inexpensive variant of the angle joint.  Also very easy to install and, like the metal joint, it will compensate for angle offset. The plastic variant is especially suited for applications in which light loads will be moved.

Metal eyes

Our metal eyes are also used as end fittings. Due to their high strength and in the various lengths, thicknesses and diameters available, they are extremely flexible.

Stainless steel eye

Stainless steel eyes have the same functionality as eyes made from metal. The high-quality properties of stainless steel provide additional corrosion protection when exposed to acid and lye or in critical environments, such as sea or industrial air.

Fork head made of metal

Should extremely high forces or weights occur in an application, the fork head will be the safest variant. Due to its high-strength connection, which is additionally supported by a metal pin, it can safely move high loads.

Ball joint

With this special ball joint, Stabilus is making  the installation of gas springs in cars easier. Only a punched-out hole is required for assembly; weld-on ball pivots or angled plates will no longer be necessary.

Other options

Of course we have various other special variants in our product line. Our application engineers will be glad to tell you more about them.