LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Dynamic Compression/Extension Damping

The standard LIFT-O-MAT from Stabilus is available in two versions:

With dynamic extension damping, this gas spring can open doors and lids in any mounting orientation up to a specified position, where it will gently stop the motion. This reduces wear and tear on the joints and hinges and prevents collisions with the garage ceiling or wall.

With dynamic compression damping, the LIFT-O-MAT is suited primarily for engine hoods where the hood is to be dampened gently when it is closed, reducing wear on the material.


With a special longitudinal groove inside the pressure tube, the damping properties can be optimized to the application. Differing compression and extension characteristics can be realized, as well as dampened approaches to intermediate positions.
By increasing or reducing the groove cross section, the speed of motion over the entire stroke can be adjusted as desired. The motion can be slowed down until it almost comes to a stop.


  • Orientation-independent function
  • Defined speed control
  • Damping characteristics can be adjusted
  • Dampened approach of intermediate positions possible


  • Tailgate, trunk, hood, seat adjustment


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