LIFT-O-MAT – Gas Spring with Hydraulic Compression and Extension Damping

Wherever a folding or turning motion needs to be held safely in the end position, the LIFT-O-MAT gas spring with hydraulic motion damping is the right choice.

It will prevent unbraked force application to hinges or joints, saving the material from wear and tear. The entire motion sequence will become more harmonic and controlled overall.


The hydraulically dampened LIFT-O-MAT has an extra oil chamber. As soon as the piston leaves the gas range and enters the oil, its speed will be reduced. The degree of damping is determined by the use of patented Labyrinth pistons, as well as by the viscosity of the oil. The oil amount used will define the damping range.

To dampen extension, the gas spring is installed vertically with the piston rod down. In situations where additional compression damping is needed, there are standard models that can be installed vertically with the piston rod pointing up.


  • Simple design
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Available in the standard product line with damping in extension direction
  • Damping in compression and extension direction possible
  • Different end fitting systems for fast and easy mounting
  • Maintenance-free


  • Doors and flaps in machinery and system manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, in medical technology (swivel arms and brackets), the furniture industry, and other industrial applications.


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